Build the Skills and Mindset to Become a Hyper-Creative Overachiever

To become a successful artist, you first need to become the kind of person who can pull this off. Only if you put in the effort to work on your core skills and mindset, you will stand a chance in today’s music industry.

Learn how to become the best version of yourself and adopt the right mindset that leads to success in the long run.

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Build the Skills & Mindset That Lead to Success

Learn how to overcome any obstacle and become the best version of yourself. Get things done, manage your time and energy efficiently, and stay sane even when times are tough.


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Discover how you can gain the skills and confidence to finish AND release music you're proud of.

All it takes is three simple but highly important steps to go from "stuck in the loop" to "prolific producer".

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Why Skills and Mindset Are the Real Secrets to Success

Being uber-talented is nice but it won‘t get you anywhere if you don’t know how to deal with perfectionism. Being an Instagram-genius is great but it won’t make you successful if you constantly run into writer’s block as soon as you sit down to make music.

Here’s the problem:

Our culture loves telling the story of the “overnight-success” or the one of the “messy, creative genius” who’s socially awkward but super talented. In reality, most of these stories turn out to be artificially hyped to make for a great headline.

The truth is simple:

Most real success stories in the music industry are based on constant self-improvement, a great work ethic, as well as simply “having your shit together” as an artist. To become successful as a music producer, you first need to become the kind of person who is likely to succeed. The only way to grow into that role is to deliberately work on improving your skills and mindset.

If you want to break through as an artist, you need to have these things in place

  • Adopt a growth-mindset. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t do this”, start asking “how can I do this” or “what do I need to do to become someone who can do this?”
  • Hone productivity and time management skills. If you want to put out great music consistently, you need to become hyper efficient and effective as a music producer.
  • Become a go-giver. Most upcoming artists think of competition rather than collaboration. Stop worrying about getting the biggest piece of the pie. Instead, try to find ways to make the pie bigger (and even more tasty) for everyone.

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