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The world doesn‘t need yet another copycat-artist who tries to be like their heroes. Be the exception to the rule and start to craft your own sonic identity!

Learn how to produce better songs faster, create club ready mixes and masters, and unleash your full creative potential.

Songwriting & Arrangement

Write & Arrange Outstanding Music

Learn how to write and arrange truly remarkable music. Define your sonic identity and stand out from all the other releases out there. It’s time to challenge the status quo of your genre and push the boundaries!

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Create Club-Ready Mixes & Masters

Learn how to mix and master your own music like a pro (without spending thousands of dollars on expensive tools). Develop your critical listening skills and train essential techniques that turn bedroom-productions into club-ready, pro-sounding tracks.

Tools & Gear

Choose Gear That Makes a Difference

Learn how to withstand the bold marketing claims of pro-audio companies and make clever purchase decisions instead. Focus on a few essential pieces of gear and learn how to use them to your full advantage.



Discover how you can gain the skills and confidence to finish AND release music you're proud of.

All it takes is three simple but highly important steps to go from "stuck in the loop" to "prolific producer".

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Music Production - From Good to Great

With thousands of music production tutorials out there, you might be wondering what separates Pick Yourself from all the other YouTube channels, blogs, and podcasts. First of all, I believe that way too many artists try to be like their heroes but end up as a mediocre copycat version that doesn’t even come close to the original.

Here’s why this is a problem:

The world doesn’t need a second Richie Hawtin, it needs a first YOU. As an upcoming artist, you have an obligation to go on a journey to discover your own sonic identity. That doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel and come up with your own genre of music. It’s more about carving out your own little sub-niche within your genre and become a big fish in that small pond.

Here’s the truth:

Most upcoming artists simply don’t have the guts to go all-in and define their own sound. And I totally get it: It means you need to truly step out of your comfort zone and be bold. Challenging the status quo is inherently difficult, but also really rewarding in the end.

What most artists do instead is hide behind fancy gear (which they rarely use to its full potential), and copy techniques from YouTube tutorials over and over again, instead of developing critical listening skills and trusting their own gut feeling. 

The secret behind producing outstanding music

  • Dare to challenge the status quo. Learn from your heroes and absorb everything you can, but then start to carve out your own sonic identity, even if it scares you at first.
  • Learn how to get into “flow state” fast and become a hyper-effective music producer. When you sit down to produce, mix, and master your music, you need to be fully present and deliver “peak performance” during that session. This is a crucial skill you need to build over time through deliberate practice.
  • Invest in skill-building rather than gear. It’s surprising how little gear matters (and I’m saying this as a professional mixing and mastering engineer). What truly makes a difference are skills, techniques, and developing confidence in the choices you make.

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