Promote Your Music Authentically and Grow a Tribe of True Fans

Let's put an end to silly music marketing hacks and build a strong artist brand instead! To build a successful artist career, you need true fans, not social media followers.

Learn how to promote your music effectively as well as authentically. No more cringe-worthy self-promotion!

Artist brand

Build an Authentic Artist Brand

Learn how to express what you are all about as an artist. The times of “fake it till you make it“ are over. Strong artist brands are driven by values and seek to make a meaningful difference in their genre.

promo & pr

Promote Your Music Effectively

Learn how to promote your music in a way that feels true to who you are. Whether you want your songs to be played by respected DJs or get on high-profile Spotify playlists - it all starts with how you gain people’s attention in the first place.

Releases & Record labels

Release Your Music With or Without a Label

Learn how to find the perfect record label or start one yourself. It’s not enough to produce great music and then hope for the best. You have to strategically plan your releases to get the most out of them.

Fanbase growth

Grow Your Tribe of 1000 True Fans

Learn how to turn interested followers into true fans who actually buy your records and come to your gigs. No need to chase after high follower counts on social media. Instead, start playing the game by the rules that truly matter.



Discover how you can gain the skills and confidence to finish AND release music you're proud of.

All it takes is three simple but highly important steps to go from "stuck in the loop" to "prolific producer".

Take the first step and start your journey of growth!

It’s Time to Re-Think Music Promotion

Most bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters out there will tell you that ”more is always better”. More releases, more social media posts, more followers, more articles about you, etc.

I disagree and here’s why:

We live in the most distracted, information-overloaded period ever. With thousands of new releases coming out each day and millions of artists desperately trying to get heard, the recipe of “just do more” doesn’t work anymore.

Here’s what works instead:

To promote your music effectively these days, you need to focus all your energy on making sure you are “remarkable” as an artist. Being remarkable means you stand out because you offer something nobody else does. This gives people a chance to identify with you. It’s the essential ingredient for building a meaningful relationship with you and turn followers into fans.

My recipe for highly effective music promotion 

  • Don’t be a copycat! Focus on becoming remarkable and craft a unique artistic identity.
  • Forget about high follower counts. All that matters is how deep of a relationship you have with the right kind of people, your true fans.
  • Stop dreaming about “getting signed” by the label of your dreams. Instead, get started now and find a label that actually fits you or start your own imprint.

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