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The Pick Yourself podcast helps you build and grow a meaningful electronic music career. You‘re going to learn the strategies, mindset, tactics and tools you need to succeed in the music industry of today.

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About the Pick Yourself Podcast

The Pick Yourself podcast is driven by the mission to help upcoming electronic music artists with honest, zero-bullshit advice on how to build a meaningful career in a notoriously difficult industry.

What makes this podcast unique

  • Learn longterm success strategies rather than short-sighted hacks and tactics.  
  • Detailed advice that goes way deeper compared to all the shallow clickbait-content out there.
  • Interviews with experienced professionals in the music industry, from artists to booking agents, club owners, promo experts, and many more. 
The Seven Strategies of Highly Successful Electronic Music Artists

Free Guide: Get the Seven Strategies of Highly Successful Electronic Music Artists

It’s neither luck nor genius-level talent that separates successful artists from the ones who didn’t make it. Over the past 15 years in my career as a professional music producer and engineer, I’ve observed certain patterns which I’m sharing with you in this free guide.

About Philip Röder

Philip Röder is a music producer and runs a professional mixing and mastering studio in Berlin. Before starting his own business, he worked as a brand strategist in a marketing agency. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry and having worked with some of the biggest names in electronic music, Philip has now decided to follow his passion for sharing knowledge.


He started Pick Yourself with the mission to empower the next generation of electronic music artists to take matters into their own hands.


To become a successful artist, you have to create remarkable art

The music industry is a notoriously tough business. Contrary to common belief, it's neither luck nor supernatural talent that's responsible for success. If you want to be among the few artists who "make it" out of the millions who don't, you have to have a great strategy and the grit to execute it.

Based on more than 15 years of experience in the music industry, I have distilled three essential principles that I believe make a difference.

First Principle

Create music that matters and find your unique artistic voice

The world doesn't need yet another mediocre copy of your favorite artist. Be audacious and dare to carve out your own sonic niche.

Second Principle

Grow a tribe of 1000 true fans instead of social followers.

With a loyal audience who gives a damn, everything is possible. Serve your true fans, lead your tribe, but don't chase Instagram followers.

Third Principle

Focus on strategies rather than tactics and play the long-term game.

It's easy to get distracted by the latest hack, the newest tool, and the flashiest headline. Focus on what's essential in the long run.

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