October 26

Kamikaze Space Programme Interview (Part 1) on Creative Reinvention


In this first part of my Kamikaze Space Programme Interview, Christopher Jarman talks about reinventing yourself as an artist and staying relevant over a long period of time. Kamikaze Space Programme is a fascinating example of this, someone who managed to successfully reinvent himself several times throughout his career.Enter your text here...

The acclaimed producer unveils his story from the first encounters with UK acid house and techno raves in the 90s to becoming a local Drum’n’Bass talent to getting signed under the artist name Raiden by Renegade Hardware, one of the most relevant labels at that time.

Our conversation then dives into the transition from Raiden to Kamikaze Space Programme (his current alias) and how this shift helped Chris not only feel more fulfilled as an artist but also how it has helped him stay relevant over his long career. Chris is about to release his newest KSP record “Dead Skin Cells”, which underlines his talent as a creative electronic music producer once again.

This Kamikaze Space Programme interview dives deep into his biggest successes (and the burden that comes with it) but also the toughest failures (and what to learn from them). Christopher Jarman has a lot to offer for upcoming electronic music artists who want to build and grow their career. In this episode you’re going to learn:

  • How local recognition can quickly turn into global relevance
  • What it really means to be on tour several times a week for the most part of the year
  • How true, authentic relationships with great people in the music industry can help you grow your music career in a meaningful way
  • Why reinvention is one of the best ways to stay relevant over a long period of time

So what’s your takeaway from this episode? Let me know in the comments, I read everything!


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