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The Prolific Producer

Finish music you're proud of and release it with confidence

Even if... you’ve watched endless tutorials but are still “stuck in the loop”.

Even if... you’re a fellow perfectionist, thinking your song is never “good enough”.

Even if... you have very limited time to work on your music.

The Prolific Producer is an online video course for electronic music producers who struggle to finish and release great-sounding music, consistently. It’s a 360° system that helps you learn crucial skills, build healthy habits, and adopt the right mindset to become a prolific producer.

Never again will you...

  • Feel “stuck in the loop” and abandon project after project
  • Struggle to pick the right ideas and turn them into a full arrangement
  • End up tweaking little details to perfection, only to find out that you‘ve completely lost all objectivity
  • Wonder why professional releases sound so much better than your song
  • Ask yourself whether your song is “good enough” to be released
Build the skills you need to finish great sounding music quickly

You will build the skills you need to escape the loop and finish great sounding music you’re proud of.

Grow the confidence you need to release your music regularly

You will grow your confidence and overcome mental barriers that currently prevent you from releasing your songs.

Develop a system and bulletproof creative process

You will implement a 360° system that you can use again and again to start, finish, and release music that makes a difference.

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