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The Prolific Producer

Finish Music You’re Proud of
and Release It With Confidence

The proven, step-by-step system for finishing great-sounding music, consistently

This will work for you...

  • Even if... you’ve watched endless tutorials but still feel "stuck in the loop".
  • Even if... you’re a fellow perfectionist, thinking your song is "never good enough".
  • Even if... you have limited time to work on your music and feel like you're "not making real progress".

Say goodbye to unfinished projects and abandoned loops, my friend!

You're probably reading this because you KNOW that something needs to change. So let's not waste time and jump into the deep end straight away.

I challenge you to ask yourself these three questions (it might hurt a little): 

  • How many unfinished projects are rotting on your hard drive right now?
  • How often have you started a new song enthusiastically, only to find out that your original idea didn’t lead anywhere?
  • How does it make you feel to not even come close to the quality of professional releases by your favorite artists?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place because it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, I’m going to show you my exact strategy on how to get from “abandoned loop collector” to becoming a prolific producer who releases great sounding music, consistently.

But first, let me tell you why you should even give a damn what this guy has to say.

Hi, I'm Philip from Pick Yourself 

and I've helped hundreds of artists like you finish and release great-sounding music, consistently.

After more than 15 years of producing, mixing, and mastering more than 500 global releases, I've decided to share everything I've learned on my journey in the professional music industry with you.

In fact, I've dedicated my life to supporting you on your journey and be the mentor that I wish I had when I got started. That's what drives me every single day.

I've worked with some of the biggest artists in the electronic music scene (Acid Pauli, Ruede Hagelstein, Tez Cadey, just to name a few). My label clients include underground imprints like Duat, Lokad, and Egoist Records but also major labels like Universal and Sony Music.

Linn Elisabet

"Philip’s fearless support and ability to see his students helped me challenge old mindsets and approach my process in new light. Ever since I got to know him, his clear yet flexible pedagogic skills have contributed to both growth and confidence in my personal learning curve."

Linn Elisabet

artist & Record label founder

Philipp Roebke

"I'm really grateful for everything I've learned from Philip in terms of producing, mixing, and mastering. His way of teaching is really unique: He has a lot of empathy but also knows when and how to challenge you. I wouldn't be where I am today without his care and support."

Philipp Roebke

Artist & rave Collective founder

The secret behind professional-sounding tracks

Thanks to working with so many different artists on so many different levels of success, I've started to notice patterns. When you compare the workflows of pro and amateur producers and look at their sessions, it becomes crystal clear why there's such a huge difference in the outcome.

There's a reason why professionally produced tracks sound so much better than other releases (and it's probably not what you think!).

There's also a reason why some producers seem to put out great-sounding releases effortlessly and regularly while others are struggling to put out even one decent track per year (and the reason for that might surprise you as well).

Ready to find out why? Then let's jump in!

The real reason you can't finish & release great-sounding music, consistently

In my 1-on-1 coaching sessions with music producers, I‘ve noticed a strange pattern. Every single one of these artists would start a new song enthusiastically, but at a certain point, they would start to question EVERYTHING.

Running into the same obstacle again and again, that’s when passion turns into frustration. It feels like hitting a glass ceiling that you just can‘t break through.

Here‘s the uncomfortable truth.

You might be limiting your own potential WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. These self-imposed limitations are stories we keep telling ourselves. Even worse, they can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

So if you want to break free from the curse of not finishing songs consistently, you have to claim responsibility and start tackling the root causes of your problem.

When it comes to finishing and releasing music, there are three self-imposed limitations that are holding artists back from achieving their goals.

As you read, take a hard look to see which of these apply to you.

Which of These Self-Imposed Limitations Is Holding You Back From Finishing and Releasing Great-Sounding Music?

self-imposed limitation #1

"I can't turn my loop into a full song"

This applies to you if...

  • You start loads of new projects but end up NOT finishing most of them.
  • You love creating loops but you struggle when it comes to arranging the song.
  • You don’t know which ideas and sounds are worth developing further.

"Finishing songs instead of starting new loops feels so much better."

Kyle, prolific producer student

“Before joining this course, I always started my songs with a loop. At first, I was pumped by my original idea but as I kept stacking more and more elements, I felt like I was losing direction. When it then came to the arrangement, I felt kind of lost. That’s when I got most frustrated and started a new project instead of finishing that song. Thanks to The Prolific Producer, I've found a workflow that solved this problem once and for all."

Here is why you struggle with this (and what to do about it):

The loop is at the heart of electronic music. We can spend DAYS working on the details of an 8-bar pattern. Let’s add just one more layer...

...and another one...

...and just one more.

But here’s the problem.

Once you finally decide that your loop is good enough, you find yourself standing in front of this gigantic task: Turning your loop into a full arrangement. That’s when most music producers get a little rush of anxiety.

Where the hell should you start? How do you transition from part A to part B? How do you make sure the energy level is right?

If you’re like most people, you’ve already watched enough arrangement tutorials. The typical (bad) advice you get is this: “Just duplicate your loop and then subtract elements”.

But guess what happens next...

If you follow that advice, you end up with a boring, lifeless song that doesn’t tell any story. That’s not what you wanted to create, right?

Here’s the truth.

You already have all it takes to turn your loop into a full arrangement. You just haven’t been told how to go about it strategically.

There’s a way to make this process feel effortless. I call this the “Jigsaw-Method” and it’s been a game-changer for many of my students (more on that later).

Now let’s jump into the second limitation.

self-imposed limitation #2

"I can never truly 100% finish my songs"

This applies to you if...

  • You get to 80% of your song quickly but it takes forever to finish the last 20%.
  • You find yourself constantly changing your song and you can't stop second-guessing your creative decisions.
  • You get lost in tweaking details until you can't tell anymore what sounds good and what doesn't.

"I can finally trust my decisions and bring my songs to the finish line."

christine, prolific producer student

“Finishing a track used to feel exhausting. I worked on many little details but I had no idea whether I was actually improving the song or not. I got stuck somewhere between the last bits of production work and the mixing phase. It’s just been overwhelming to get all of these things right. This course has taught me how to break through my own insecurities and helped me gain the confidence to make the right decisions quickly.”

Here is why you struggle with this (and what to do about it):

If you‘ve managed to get from loop to arrangement, you‘ve achieved quite a lot compared to most electronic music producers.

But there‘s still the problem of TRULY FINISHING your song. I mean 100% until it's release-ready.

Creating smooth transitions from one part to another, making sure the energy curve of the song is right, taking care of all the little details...

Plus, there’s the daunting process of mixing & mastering your song so it sounds good in the club as well as at home.

If you‘re like most people, you enter a phase of overwhelm and uncertainty at this point in the process. You simply can‘t tell anymore whether you‘re making things better or worse.

You get stuck in perfectionism, going back and forth between different versions of the song. After working on the same track for weeks (if not months), you‘ve lost all your enthusiasm for the song.

But here‘s the good news.

It doesn‘t have to be that way. The reason why you can’t get the last 20% done is rooted in the foundation of your songwriting and sound design. In other words: You’ve created obstacles for yourself in the beginning of the process.

There‘s a recipe that prevents you from getting stuck in the last 20% of your song. It‘s what I call “The Finisher Formula“ and it can dramatically increase your creative output (more on that below).

But there's one more self-imposed limitation and it's a really tricky one...

self-imposed limitation #3

"My music just isn't good enough for a release"

This applies to you if...

  • You compare your songs with releases by other artists and you feel like you can’t even come close to their level of quality.
  • You're afraid of people's reactions and you don’t want to make a bad impression.
  • You fear that you won't be taken seriously by labels, DJs, and other producers because your music just isn't good enough yet.

"I now have the confidence to release my music and I'm proud of my songs."

Josh, prolific producer student

“I used to compare my track to some of my favorite artists' releases and I just felt devastated. There was no way I could get to that level of quality. So I was scared to put any of my music out, it just didn't feel right. I knew that I was missing out on a lot of opportunities because of that and this was actually one of the reasons why I joined The Prolific Producer. Things look very different now. I'm really proud of how my songs sound and I can watch my audience grow with every new release I put out."

Here is why you struggle with this (and what to do about it):

This self-imposed limitation is a tough one. How do you know whether your music is good enough to be released? What if it creates a bad first impression that you can never make up for?

Here’s the brutal truth.

Your songs could ALWAYS BE BETTER and you can never be sure what the public reaction is going to be like.

Chances are that your first couple of releases won’t be a massive success. They probably won’t come out on big labels. Your favorite DJs will most likely NOT play them.

But you know what?

That’s okay. It’s all part of the process. “Overnight success” is the result of 5-10 years of work prior to that. Your favorite artists haven’t started their career with a smash hit either. 

Here’s the strategy that’s going to help you the most:

Focus on the process instead of the outcome. If you get to a point where you can finish and release great-sounding music consistently, it’s only a matter of time until your artist career will gain momentum.

I’ve come up with a system that I call the "One-Song-Per-Month" framework and it has will help you get into a healthy release rhythm. It’s a bulletproof method that helps you pick the right ideas, turn them into full songs, and release them with confidence.

Okay, my friend, now you have to decide what you're going to do about your self-imposed limitations. Will you take real ownership of your path as an artist or will you continue to let the same problems get in the way of your progress, again and again?

Overcoming these self-imposed limitations might be the single most important step on your path as an artist

Ask yourself this:

What would your life look like if you kept doing things the way they are now? Where would you be in one year from now?

...or in five years?

...ten years?

Chances are you’d find yourself more or less in the same position as you are in now. That’s not an option. You DESERVE to make progress. If you take your music seriously, you have to break through those limitations.

Here’s what it takes:

  1. You have to gain the necessary skills to pick the right ideas, turn them into songs, and bring them to the finish line effortlessly.
  2. You have to adopt a mindset that allows you to deal with things like perfectionism, overwhelm, and fear in a healthy and productive way.
  3. You have to build a system that helps you consistently finish and release great-sounding music.

So how would your life look like if you had these things in place?

Let's take a look at what's possible

I'd like to invite you on a quick thought experiment. Let's call it you 2.0. You've built the necessary skills to finish great-sounding music, consistently. You've worked on your mindset and now you have the confidence to release your music and grow your fanbase. You've implemented a bulletproof creative workflow that helps you stay on track even if you're not feeling motivated or inspired.

What would that do for you?

Let's get more precise with our little daydream.

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Imagine finishing at least one great-sounding song...


This would allow you to...

  • Release one new single every month (and grow your following significantly)
  • Put out a 3-track EP every quarter (and showcase a nice portfolio to potential record labels)
  • Publish a full-length album in a year (and bring a larger artistic concept to life)

How would that feel? What would that do to your confidence as an artist?

And what impact would it have on your music career?

zero-Bullshit Disclaimer

If “one song a month” sounds impossible to you, then please STOP and hear me out. I’m not saying you’re going to magically get there tomorrow. But it’s a 100% realistic stretch goal that you should be aiming for (and loads of my students have achieved that). 

It is absolutely realistic if you put in the work and you do it strategically (following the process that has helped hundreds of artists before you). I know exactly what it takes for you to get there and I’d love to support you on that journey.

So please read on as I'm going to reveal the exact steps you need to take to get there.

"What got you here won't get you there"

Let's be honest here.

You've watched enough YouTube tutorials. You've been enough on Reddit and Discord, searching for solutions to your problems. It has gotten you to a good place already, but you're not living up to your full creative potential.

So "more of the same" is not gonna do it. It's time for REAL change.

What you need at this point on your journey is a repeatable, reliable system to finish music you’re proud of and release it with confidence. A creative workflow that works FOR YOU, not against you.

That’s what “The Prolific Producer” is all about and I’m excited to share all the details with you.

Never again will you...

  • Feel “stuck in the loop” and abandon project after project
  • Struggle to pick the right ideas and turn them into a full arrangement
  • End up tweaking little details to perfection, only to find out that you‘ve completely lost all objectivity
  • Wonder why professional releases sound so much better than your song
  • Ask yourself whether your song is “good enough” to be released


The Prolific Producer

The step-by-step, proven system that helps you finish music you’re proud of and release it with confidence

  • 30+ video lessons
  • Lifetime access & free updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What is The Prolific Producer?

The Prolific Producer is an online video course for electronic music producers who struggle to finish and release great-sounding music, consistently. It’s a 360° system that helps you learn crucial skills, build healthy habits, and adopt the right mindset to become a prolific producer.

The Prolific Producer helps you learn how to...

  • Choose great ideas and sounds from the very beginning of your creative process
  • Turn your ideas into full arrangements faster than ever before
  • Give your songs that professional sounding finish so they match the quality of pro-releases
  • Overcome mental barriers like perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs
  • Build healthy session-habits that let you make meaningful progress with your creative work
  • Consistently release music with confidence and enjoy the process

What's included in the course?

The Prolific Producer is an online video course that you can take at your own pace. It’s NOT a live class and it’s NOT a monthly membership program. You will get lifetime access and free updates to all the material.

By enrolling in this course, you get instant access to:

30+ video lessons that guide you through the process, step-by-step

You can watch these on-demand video lessons at your own pace and you will have lifetime access.

Clear action steps to help you implement what you’ve learned right away

The best way to learn is to implement as you go. This course is designed to give you results by helping you take action right away. 

Detailed worksheets and tutorials that guide you through the process

These resources complement the lessons so you always know what your next steps are.

A comment section underneath each lesson so you can ask questions

You'll never walk alone! If something isn't clear to you, just leave a comment below the lesson and my team and I are going to help you.

Free bonus lessons, resources, and updates to the course

This course will be updated regularly and I will add bonus lessons and resources to help you make progress. All updates will be free of charge with your lifetime-access purchase.

premium-version only

Personal 1-on-1 coaching

If you decide to join the premium version of this course, you will get three in-depth video-coaching sessions with me personally. We will work on your specific pain points and find solutions together.

Finish Music You’re Proud of
and Release It With Confidence

Even if... you’ve watched endless tutorials but are still “stuck in the loop”.

Even if... you’re a fellow perfectionist, thinking your song is never “good enough”.

Even if... you have very limited time to work on your music.

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What's included

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  • 1:1 consultation with design team
  • A final design concept, with materials list
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